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Over the years we have developed an extensive range of components designed for use in the Skip and Container Refurbishment Industry.

Brooks Forgings has developed an extensive range of components that are used within the waste and recycling industry.  These components are primarily used for new builds and refurbishment of skips and roll-on roll-off containers.

Components include but are not limited to skip lugs, skip hinges, rollers, curved bars, cheek plates, ratchet load binders, and rope hooks.

Our extensive range of in-house manufacturing capabilities also enables us to produce components to customer requirements.  If you require a component that isn't shown please do not hesitate to contact us.

We can manufacture components to suit customer's exact requirements

skip and container components spares

Our Forged Components are Stronger and More Resilient

grain flow skip components

Forging is a process that involves the manipulation of material to achieve the desired shape, offering a compressed and directional grain flow to produce a stronger and more resilient component.

Many components supplied into the recycling and waste industry, particularly metal profiles, are cut from plain material. The unidirectional grain flow in the plain material gets cut when changing contour, exposing grain ends. This renders the material liable to fatigue and sensitive to stress corrosion cracking.

Our example shows a hinge profile, a component subjected to a constant load. In a forged state the grain flow is not only compressed but flows around the eye, this increases both strength and longevity. In a plain state, the profile is cut, exposing the natural grain flow on all cut edges.

skip components design analysis

Stress Analysis

We have software that can perform Stress Analysis tests from rendered 3D models, using both static and assembled components.

This enables us to evaluate product structure and design suitability and make alterations to suit various requirements. We can also input various material properties making the system fully customisable.

Our range includes:

• Skip Lugs
• Curved Bars
• Skip Rollers
• Skip Hinges
• Profiles
• Ratchet Load Binders
• Eurobin Accessories
• Ramp Fasteners
• Spring Loaded Bolts
• Locking Pins
• Tailboard Lugs
• Rope Lugs
• Forkets
• Cable Lift Hooks & Guides
• Tubular Rigging Screws