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We manufacture 500C Grade Rebar Double Headed Studs, conforming to the strength and dimensional requirements incorporated within BS8110 and EC2.

Punching shear reinforcement for flat, piled, and post-tensioned slabs.

Our punching shear reinforcement system is manufactured from CARES-certified, 500N/mm2 minimum yield strength, deformed carbon steel to maximise mechanical anchoring within the concrete. Each stud is upset forged at both ends with the stud heads formed to three times the diameter of the bar to form an optimum bond.

Double-headed shear studs are linked by fabricated rails that have no structural properties and are used purely to ensure the accurate configuration and ease of placement of the studs.

Sold through nominated distributors.

punching shear reinforcement components

  • upset forged shear studs
  • shear stud forging
  • punching shear reinforcement

Automated Horizontal Upset Forging

automated horizontal upset forging multiforge etchells

At our manufacturing facility in Lye, West Midlands, we have installed several Horizontal forging lines capable of producing upset forgings.

The walking beam transfer unit makes the use of several compressed air cylinders to transfer the workpiece from one die to the next and is easily capable of increasing output by up to 3 times that of conventional manual operation.

Destructive & Tensile Testing

shear stud testing

We have a Mayes 4 Column Vertical 50 Tonne Destructive/Tensile Testing Machine on-site.
This enables us to complete tests in-house, saving valuable time in the manufacturing process and further improves lead times.