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We manufacture many components that are used in the installation and maintenance of overhead transmission and distribution power lines.

Overhead power distribution is a critical element of infrastructure and is a global industry requiring many variants of specialised forged, machined, and fabricated components.

Our extensive range of in-house manufacturing processes enables us to offer a comprehensive supply package that greatly reduces carbon footprint, lead-time, cost, reliance on sub-contractors, and bespoke solutions that meet your exact requirements.

overhead line fittings

Our Range of Products includes:

• Arching Horns
• Tower Swivels
• Corona Shields
• Sag Adjuster Sets
• Yoke Plates
• Links & Rings
• Shackles
• Eyebolts
• Tension Systems
• Turnbuckles
• Tie Bars / Rods
• Ball Hooks
• Ball Eye Links
• Ball Clevises
• Ball Tongues
• Miscellaneous Profiles