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We produce a wide range of hot forged bolts in high tensile steel for the machinery, crushing, and screening industries.

Sizes range from M16 up to M64 with varying head styles, up to 1.5m in length.

Our hot forging capability enables us to produce a diverse range of bolt head styles that are commonly used in both jaw crusher and impact crusher applications.

This type of bolt is produced to customer requirements and will most likely require the production of new forging tools. Where practical, we encourage our customers to negotiate a 12-month usage and deliver against call-off requirements.

This would enable you to take advantage of a lower fixed price established at the start of a contract and so avoid paying increases as a result of continuing raw material upward movements.

liner crusher wedge bolts

Our Full Range of Bolts includes:

• Anchor Bolts
• Blade Bolts
• Bucket Tooth Bolts
• Carriage Bolts
• Crusher Bolts & Studs
• Elevator Bolts
• Eye Bolts
• Hex Cap Screws
• Lag Bolts
• Lift Eye Bolts
• Machine Bolts
• Plow Bolts
• Step Bolts
• Structural Bolts
• Stud Bolts
• Threaded Rod Bolts
• U Bolts