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We specialise in the British manufacture of bespoke hand tools, producing unique sizes and types to suit our client's exact specifications.

Our extensive range of manufacturing processes enables us to manufacture and supply many types of hand tools that are not commonly available in the marketplace. We work with our clients who are perhaps looking to reshore back to the UK or have a unique tool in development and our forging, machining, and fabrication processes are of interest.

If you have a new or existing type of tool that you are looking to have manufactured in the UK do please contact us with your requirements.

forged hand tool components in the uk

Examples of Hand Tools produced

  • Wood Chisels
  • Stone Chisels
  • Crow Bars
  • Ratchet Load Binders
  • Valve Wheel Wrenches
  • Lifting Keys
  • Combi Braces
  • Axe Heads
  • Hammer Heads