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Galvanised Fasteners, where quality and corrosion resistance are of major importance.

We have a specialist division called Galvanised Fasteners that services the demands of outside industries such as Civil Engineering, Power Generation, and Leisure, where quality and corrosion resistance is of major importance.

Inside our dedicated Galvanised Fasteners warehouse, you will find grades, 4.6, 8.8, and 10.9 products all galvanised to BS EN 10684.

Our product range includes:

• Bolts from size M8 to M30 (larger on request)
• Set Screws
• Cup Square Bolts
• Countersunk socket Cap Screws
• Snap Off Security Nuts.
• Saddle Bolts.
• Coach Screws
• Nuts and washers
• Galvanised All-thread in 1 and 3 metre lengths, sizes M10-M100