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Closed die upset forging and drop forging are used in our near net shape manufacturing process.

The term 'near net shape' is given to a blank or usage that is forged to be close to the size and shape required for the final component.

This process aims to reduce raw material and production costs and the time involved with additional finishing such as machining.

Forged near net shapes also have the added benefit of aligned and compressed grain flow giving finished machined components increased strength and resilience over their fully machined counterparts.

upset forged near net shape manufacturing

The Benefits Forged Usages:

Machining & Fastener Companies:

• Save up to 50% on material.
• Improved machining cycle times.
• Increase shop capacity as a result of reduced cycle times.
• Better metal grain flow and strength.
• Reduced material waste.
• Reduced energy cost.
• Reduced tool and tip cost, because of less material removal.

Drop Forging Companies:

• Reduce pre-form operations and increased output.
• Die cost and size reduced, by removing pre-forming impressions.
• Less requirement to work away from centre-line of ram, reducing wear and stress.
• Reduced material waste.
• Reduced energy cost, through reduced cycle time.