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Dedicated modern warehousing facility with over 2500 pallets of stock ready for immediate despatch.

Our comprehensive manufacturing capability is fully supported by a dedicated warehousing facility.  Equipped with fully calibrated weighing equipment, label printers, stock/batch tracking capabilities, and packaging materials to ensure that goods reach their final destination in optimal condition and with the correct documentation.

We currently stock over 2500 pallets for customers that have been approved for and benefit from using our component call-off service*.
This enables businesses to make a cost-saving by ordering a higher annual volume that we manufacture in one batch, manage and securely hold in stock.
This comprehensive offering sets us apart from competitors and allows you to concentrate on your core activities.

*Subject to our standard terms, conditions of sale, and credit approval. Stocking contracts may be subject to the minimum drawdown of stock and buy-back clauses.

packaging design

Standard & bespoke packaging design
for land, sea, and air freight requirements.

Packaging is often tailored to suit specific project and shipping requirements, made to order using our trusted and experienced suppliers.

Our design team can pre-render models to simulate and generate packing scenarios, establishing final package dimensions and correct packing procedures for warehouse personnel.

This not only maximises shipping efficiency but reduces unnecessary costs for our customers.

Our wooden packing cases comply with FSC and ISPM15 requirements and can be lined with Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) bags with Silicone absorbing packs to help minimise rusting during transit.