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Specialists in swaging and pointing.
Solid or tubular materials.

Our swaging process enables us to manipulate metal into non-standard shapes e.g. flats into round, square sections into round or four-sided tapers.

What are the benefits of Swaging?

• Improved surface finish.
• Zero material wastage (when swaging the material will grow in length)
• Uses low-cost tooling.
• Improves grain structure & tensile strength of the material.

metal swaging process

The Swaging Process

The Swaging process typically involves working solid or tubular material in the cold or heated form to reduce the diameter, produce a taper, add a point, or other desired shape.

With rotary-based swaging machines, two or four split swaging dies are used to hammer a round workpiece into a smaller diameter, as shown in our illustration. This process is usually called rotary swaging or radial forging and can operate up to 2,000 motions a minute.

We also have in-house forming methods that can be adapted to perform a swaging process where conventional processes are not suitable.  For example, reducing solid flats to form a round bar section at one end.