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5 Panasonic Robot Welding Cells are now online.

Automated technology is part of our ongoing development and improvement roadmap and has led us to expand our fabrication capability and processes.

Investment in 5 Panasonic Robot Welding Cells has enabled us to expand our fabrication services to an ever-growing worldwide customer base requiring a one-stop manufacturing source for their forged, machined, and fabricated components.

The advantages of robot welding:

Robot welding is used primarily in production scenarios that are repetitive and require consistent quality and improved speed.  Once jigs and fixtures are produced and the robot is programmed to the correct parameters, the process only requires one operator to manage up to 4 cells in a continuous production loop.

• Faster welding cycle times
• No breaks in production
• Better quality welded product
• Less wasted material
• Consistent weld seam
• Higher precision, flexibility to reach hard-to-reach spots