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As part of an ongoing development strategy, Brooks Forgings has an active interest in the latest manufacturing technology.

We now have several robotic automated processes at our manufacturing site.

Our ongoing goal is to increase production capacity and quality, reduce our carbon footprint, and remain competitive against foreign manufacturers with low labor costs.

robot forging automated

Automated Horizontal Upset Forging

We are pleased to announce that we have moved forward with the installation of a FANUC six-axis robotic arm. The robotic arm has been integrated with an automated bar feeder, induction heater, and an Etchells MultiForge machine, creating a fully automated horizontal upset forging production line. Please see the video below or by clicking here

We currently have several MultiForge machines at our forging facility and all tooling is cross-compatible via a quick-change system. Programming data can be stored and linked to each tooling set, enabling us to manufacture components on the automated production line as and when required with little downtime.

automated horizontal counterblow forging

Automated Horizontal Counterblow Forging

We have an automated Model C Chambersburg Horizontal Counterblow System, the only one operational in Europe. Please see the video below or by clicking here

Sawn billets are loaded into a hopper which transfers them onto an automated production line. The billets are directed through a Radyne induction heater to heat the bars to the required temperature which are then picked up by a custom robotic arm system called the pallet feed. It is hydraulic servo-driven and precisely locates the preheated forging stock into the appropriate die locations.

robot welding process

Robot Welding

We currently have 5 robot welding cells operational at our manufacturing site.

The key advantages of this process are faster welding cycle times, no breaks in production, improved weld quality, less wasted material, consistent weld seam, and higher precision.

Please see the video below or by clicking here