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We are able to utilise a diverse range of marking techniques to fulfill component traceability requirements.

We deal with many industries that demand the highest quality product and the strictest level of traceability. With this in mind, we offer a comprehensive range of marking solutions to meet the majority of requirements expected by today's standards.

Components can be marked with unique identifying features. This typically includes manufacturer identification, batch codes, material codes, and part numbers. Some methods also enable more detailed features such as company logos, safety marks, and even barcodes.

raised marking

Raised Identification

This form of marking is achieved during production by engraving all identification marks required into the forging tools. This can be a client’s name, part number, batch number, and even corporate logo if required. This method is ideal for medium to large production runs.

micro percussion marking

Micro-Percussion Marking

Marking is achieved by electromechanically striking a carbide or diamond stylus assembly against the surface of the part to be marked. This process doesn’t remove material and cause stress points.

We have several Micro Percussion marking systems to cover a diverse range of requirements.

Fixed Unit
Designed for small to medium components requiring a repeated marking operation. When used with specially designed jigs this method provides a consistent and clear identification mark.

Circumference Marking
When used in conjunction with our fixed unit this device rotates components to enable marking around a circumference.

Portable Unit
A portable unit complete with battery pack, enabling the marking of larger components in production or on-site.

  • micro percussion marking fixed unit
  • micro percussion marking circumference radial
  • micro percussion marking portable unit

chemical etching marking

Chemical Etching

This is a method of marking where acid is used to create a relief on the exposed surface of a component. Complex designs and logos can be achieved using this process.

cnc engraving

CNC Engraving

A diverse method of applying markings using a combination of computer-aided design and CNC machining. We have several vertical machining centres enabling us to offer this service, best suited for applications requiring larger more prominent identification.

stamping and pressing marking FV598862

Stamping and Cold Pressing

This is a traditional method of marking through the use of hand stamps, designed for low volume requirements. Press stamps are used for larger volumes, using power presses for a fast and economical solution.

bagging and labelling

Bagging, boxing and labelling

We understand that some projects require components to be suitably bagged or boxed and clearly labelled with information such as part and supplier codes, date of manufacture and item description. Our warehousing team has the capability to bag, box and label components to customer specific requirements.