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Horizontal Counterblow Forging is the latest addition to our manufacturing capability, offering a forged component every 2.5 seconds.

A Model C Chambersburg Automated Horizontal Counterblow System has been installed at our manufacturing site based in Stourbridge.

This process can achieve a more uniform product, using less energy compared to other forging processes.
High volume, and consistent, production of excellent quality forgings with improved lead times.

We believe that the introduction of Counterblow Forging will enable us to offer the lowest possible production cost for medium to high volume forging in the UK.

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horizontal counterblow forging process

The Horizontal Counterblow Process

Counterblow forging machines operate on the basis that two bodies of equal mass are accelerated towards each other at the same speed. When they collide the reaction forces are equal and opposite to each other concentrating the complete absorption of energy within the bodies themselves. When forging stock is placed between the bodies, it is deformed by the impact energy created by the blow.

The impact energy is preset and is regulated by precise timing controls to provide consistent energy levels for metal deformation. Savings are made because only the required amount of energy is used for the size and complexity of the product being manufactured.

horizontal counterblow forged parts components collage

Our Automated Forging System Explained

Sawn billets are loaded into a hopper which transfer’s them onto an automated production line. The billets are directed through a Radyne induction heater to heat the bars to the required temperature which are then picked up by a custom robotic arm system called the pallet feed. It is hydraulic servo-driven and precisely locates the pre-heated forging stock into the appropriate die locations.

The combination of programmable energy levels, blow patterns and the programmable stock handling features mean the horizontal counterblow machine is a fully automatic production system that has no reliance on manual manipulation skills whatsoever. The only contact between the stock and the die occurs, helping to provide a longer die life and a more consistent forging.