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We are the Heritage ironwork, replication specialists.

Brooks Forgings specialise in the replication of decorative heritage ironwork components.
By using a combination of physical original samples, photographs, and the latest digital design software we can create new tooling and reproduce components that are faithful to the original.

This service is common for many heritage restoration projects, replacing lost or damaged components, but is also used for modern builds or expansion projects that must incorporate ironwork designs used in the local area.

We work closely with our clients to ensure the end result meets the visual requirements and expectations of the project.

A major plus for us is our in-house tool room, an invaluable asset in replication. Our toolmakers can produce tooling for particular functions from drawings, photographs, and samples of the finished product.

heritage ironwork railheads on barHot forging replication

Forging is a process that manipulates the raw material stock into the desired shape or form. Blacksmiths have performed this process by hand for centuries.
Present-day forgers use special tooling for the forging process known as ‘forging dies’ that contain the impression of the final desired shape.
This process achieves a clean and consistent component that requires no additional fettling.
Forging is best suited to medium to high volume replication. Railheads can also be forged directly onto the bar to create a clean one-piece look with added strength and resilience.

Casting replication

Casting is a process where molten metal is poured into a mould, which contains a hollow cavity of the desired shape.

The shape is created by pressing a physical sample into the sand, leaving a mirror impression of the original material.
The moulds are single-use but low cost.

Cast components often require additional fettling to remove seams and imperfections left by the process. The final component can also be brittle.

Casting is best suited for low-volume replication. An impression is taken from a physical sample and railheads are cast using molten metal.

Heritage Projects

Brooks has been involved in the following recent contracts:

Forged components in Art Deco Style And Brooks Hollow Rail system.

> Haden Hill Park, West Midlands

Forged Steel Pickets
and hot forged scrolls.

> Oak House Manor House, West Midlands

Forged Steel Pickets, Fence Post Scrollwork Gate Hinges, and Components.

> Priory Hall Park, Dudley, West Midlands

Forged railing pickets and punched rails.

> Regents Park, London

Cast Iron Baluster embellishment.

> Royal College, London

Highly Decorative Forged Gate.

> North Yorkshire, Manor House

Artistic Wrought Ironwork Components

In addition to specialised components for heritage projects, we design and supply a wide range of bespoke items for the quality end of the gate and railings industry.

We have existing tooling on hand to produce an extensive range of traditional designs in forged steel or cast iron. Using our modern tool room, tooling can be produced from drawings, photographs, or samples to bring back to life the designs of yesteryear.

We also carry a range of imported items that are part of our stocked range. Please do visit our product data section for more information.