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Casting is a service that is commonly used to replicate components that do not necessarily require the strength and resilience characteristics of a forging.  The process is suited to low volume production and offers a much smaller tooling cost when compared to hot forging.

The most common items we assist with are for decorative applications such as railheads, finials through to bollards, posts, and panels for local heritage projects.

What is the casting process?

Casting is a process where molten metal is poured into a mold, which contains a hollow cavity of the desired shape.

The shape is created by pressing a physical sample into the sand, leaving a mirror impression of the original material. The molds are single-use but low cost.

Cast components often require additional fettling to remove seams and imperfections left by the process. The final component can also be brittle.

  • casting replication
  • casting replication
  • casting replication railheads

Choosing the correct Casting Process

Our engineers will be able to help you select the correct casting process for your components and help in the design and testing too. We have successfully helped customers replace fabricated components with cast components, saving money and supplying a better-looking and quality product. All of this work is carried out under the control of our ISO 9001 quality system.

Casting Processes

• Green Sand
• Investment
• Lost Wax
• Lost Foam
• Pressure Die
• Powder
• Resin Sand

Casting Materials

• Ferrous
• Non-Ferrous
• Aluminium