Special Forged Eye Bolts in ASTM A320 Grade L7 For Petrochemical Pressure Vessels

Brooks Forgings Ltd is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eye bolts primarily focusing on the production of non-standards in special materials.  Eyebolt blanks in common materials are held in stock for rapid conversion to customer requirements.

The petrochemical sector demands the use of exotic materials as they are commonly developed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.  Brooks Forgings was approached by a client requiring a fully bespoke eye bolt produced from ASTM A320 L7 material.  The thread diameter was 3/4” inch UNC over 75mm and the overall length was 205mm.  The eye was 62mm outer diameter and 40mm thick, drilled to 28.5mm inner diameter.

bespoke forged eye bolts in L7 ASTM A320

A total of 14 units were required for 2 special pressure vessels being constructed and installed by the end user.  The eyebolts were phosphate and xylan coated as per customer-specified requirements.

pressure vessel eye bolts in ASTM A320 L7 forged

If you have any requirements for forged, machined, or fabricated eyebolts please contact our experts today with your drawings and full requirements. sales@brooksforgings.co.uk

forged eye bolts in L7 ASTM A320 for petrochemical application

special forged eye bolts for pressure vessel lids

special forged eye bolts for pressure vessel lids