Bespoke Forged Tie Down Anchor Socket Solution for Norfolk Market Town

Brooks Forgings specialise in the production of fully bespoke components that are often required to solve a problem when no off-the-shelf solution is available.

Norfolk is well known for its various outdoor markets which are typically held weekly and organised by various town councils. An ongoing safety concern was raised regarding the stalls and potential movement and risk to the general public during high winds or extreme weather.

Brooks was able to provide a unique solution by manufacturing a forged rebar ground socket and mounting assembly.  A threaded flush fitting cap is installed when not in use and a collared eye bolt is installed to create a tie-down mounting point when the stalls are in use.

forged rebar anchor sockets

The sockets can be easily installed in fresh concrete or by simply drilling the existing concrete and using a suitable resin to create a permanent and safe fixture.

Numerous applications can utilise this type of socket, for example, campsites with concrete bases to provide fixing points for tents, marquees, and awnings through to more industrial-based applications such as outdoor storage facilities requiring mounting points for tarp or canvas covers.

If you require the production of bespoke components or are interested in receiving a quotation for our rebar ground tie-down sockets please contact our experienced sales team today.

bespoke forged rebar anchor sockets

forged rebar tie down anchor sockets

special ground anchor sockets with eye bolts

special tie down anchor sockets for Norfolk market town