Vertical Upset Forging Provides Near Net Shape Solution For Specialised Bolting Project

Brooks Forgings is a leading UK producer of upset forged components and near-net forgings. Utilising a large range of both horizontal and vertical forging machines, combined with various heating methods allows for an extremely diverse product range.

A recent project involved working with a client who had experienced bolting failures during the testing phase.  The bolts were originally fully machined from 135mm diameter x 350mm 070M20 raw material, a process with high material wastage, and processing time, with no added grain flow optimisation.

close or near net vertical upset forged bolt blanks

Upset forging is a process used to produce most industrial bolt types, typically produced from a raw material diameter that matches that of the bolt shank. The material is heated at one end before being gathered and compressed to form the bolt head or flange for final machining. These blanks, due to their shape, are commonly referred to as ‘Top Hat’ forgings.  The grain of the raw material now flows from the shank into the contours of the head. This process maximises both strength and ductility and improves resistance to impact and fatigue.

forging vs machining comparison

Brooks Forgings manufactured two types of close-net / near-net usages for our client, 1500 pieces of each. Starting with 60mm diameter raw material, it was heated and gathered at the bar end to form a flange measuring 130mm diameter x 30mm thick.

vertical upset forged bolt bolting blanks long

vertical upset forged bolt bolting blanks short

Feedback from the client indicated that they benefited from a much stronger final component while greatly reducing their overall cost due to the vastly reduced final machining time, and material wastage.

If you have a suitable component in mind please do not hesitate to get in touch with the sales team to discuss your requirements in more detail.