Brooks Forgings Completes Challenging Production of Hot Formed Ladle Lid Lifting Bridles

Brooks Forgings are always thinking outside of the box when it comes to the production of highly specialised components, utilising our years of expertise and comprehensive range of in-house manufacturing processes.

Our client approached us regarding the production of a newly designed Ladle Lid Lifting Bridle requiring aligned directional grain flow.  This required a combination of hot forming and fabrication processes that Brooks Forgings can offer.

ladle lid lifting bridle hooks bending fabrication

The profiled blank for the ladle was produced from S355J2 steel measuring 2500mm long X 510mm wide X 60mm thick, with grain flow running along its length.  The weight of the blank, 540kg, was just one of the challenging factors involved.  Our production team meticulously planned and ensured the required handling equipment was in place.

ladle lid lifting bridle hooks weighing 540kg each hot forming

Specialised force dissipating tooling had to be produced to minimise distortion of the 60mm thick section when bending to an inner radius of 100mm.  Heating furnace apertures were modified to accommodate the hot-forming process. Rather than heating the entire plate, the heat was localised on the area requiring bending.

hot forming of ladle lifting bridle

If you have any requirements for similar components or forming processes, please contact the Brooks Forgings sales team today. We are more than happy to assist you.

ladle lid lifting bridle hooks for 500 tonne crane