British Production of Super Duplex DIN 261 Hammerhead T-Bolts

Brooks Forgings specialise in the production of Hammerhead T-Bolts to DIN 261 and DIN 7992 specification.
We hold tooling for all hot forged sizes, made to your exact requirements.

super duplex hammerhead t-bolts

We were approached by a client in the early stages of a new subsea project requiring a substantial amount of M48 X 1950MM DIN 261 Hammerhead Bolts. Given the critical nature of the final application, our client requested that the components be produced from Super Duplex material that is known to provide excellent yield and impact strength, and resistance to both corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.

hot forged super duplex bolts

A strict production and quality plan was prepared as the material needed to be heated and handled correctly during all forging and post-production processes.  Forged nuts and washers were also produced in Duplex material, supplied and assembled with each Hammerhead T-Bolt.  All components were etched with a batch and heat treatment reference for full traceability.

duplex forged nuts

batch traceability hammerhead t-bolts

The packaging was specially designed and produced for the project, and required to safely transport the bolt assemblies.  This was due to weight and dimensional stipulations set by our clients’ couriers who were tasked to airlift the boxes via helicopter to several sites across the project.

hammerhead t-bolts din 261 packaging