Rapid Production of Bespoke Tension Systems for Primary School Temporary Roofing Project

Producing components on a short lead time is a speciality of Brooks Forgings. Our extensive capacity and range of in-house manufacturing processes allow us to cater to the most urgent of projects.

In this case, our customer was responsible for erecting a temporary roofing system for a primary school refurbishment project. This required a total of 60 tension system assemblies to be supplied before the start of the new school term so the necessary work could be completed.

tension system components clevis ends turnbuckles

Each tension system assembly included:
2x M20x1420MM Tie Bars (RH RH & LH LH)
2x M20 Forged Clevis Ends
2x M20 Special Forged Eye Bolts
1x M20 Hexagon Open Body Turnbuckle
2x M24 Hexagon Bolts (Clevis Pins)
Complete with Washer Mounting Plates and suitable Locking Nuts & Washers

The 60 sets were manufactured and shipped within 10 working days and included the production of 120 bespoke hot forged eye bolts to suit, something our competitors were unable to provide in the lead time required.

If you have a special project in mind and wish to source all of your components from one manufacturer to reduce lead time, please contact the team at Brooks Forgings Ltd. We will be happy to assist you.

bespoke tension system components range