Bending Process Expertise Assists with the Production of 65mm Diameter Lifting Lugs

Brooks Forgings has become one of the UK’s leading hot and cold benders of raw material, typically diameter, square, and plate sections, forming unconventional shapes used for the production of bespoke components and applications.

hot bending of 65mm diameter is performed using specialised force dissipating tooling

Our latest bending project required the production of 10 lifting lugs. Formed from 65mm diameter S355 material, there was a firm requirement that the material remained concentric throughout with a ±1 mm tolerance on diameter. The combination of material diameter and tight bend radius made this rather challenging but Brooks Forgings was up to the task.

The team at Brooks has developed a range of bespoke machinery and gained a wealth of knowledge through tooling design and production experience. As with many critical types of bending, specialised force dissipating tooling was used to minimise distortion and stretching around the bend radius. We were able to stay within the tolerance maintaining a concentric shape throughout.  The legs were left oversize to allow for suitable weld preparation by our customer.

the material remained concentric throughout staying within tolerance on diameter

the material remained concentric throughout staying within tolerance on diameter

Full material traceability was required throughout the manufacture along with full mechanical and MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) testing by independent laboratories.

After forming and heat treatment the bends were shot-blast and suitably packed for delivery.

the 65mm diameter lifting lugs ready for despatch

If you have a bending project in mind please contact our sales team who will be more than happy to assist you.