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We work with a wide variety of manufacturing disciplines and materials to provide bespoke solutions to the transportation industry.

The transportation sector is a multi-billion pound global industry relying on the use of on and off-road vehicles that are specifically designed to operate and adapt to suit varying environments and applications. Over the years we have produced forged, machined, and fabricated components for automotive, rail, and sea in a wide range of materials and finishes.

We pride ourselves in our can-do approach to projects, often making parts that others have turned down. Nevertheless, we are not exclusively a company that makes small-volume specials, we are also at home reacting to the demands of modern production lines.

Our engineers are frequently involved at the prototype stage ensuring that components are designed in a cost-effective way for manufacture. Continuing to monitor pre-production and production batches to ensure our customers are satisfied.

Please contact us today to discuss the manufacture of components for your next project.