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We manufacture bespoke forged torsion and anti-roll bars that are used in Locomotive, Commercial, Defence, and Off-Highway applications.

Torsion and anti-roll bars are produced using a combination of in-house processes that include hot forging, bending, and machining.  We can manipulate raw materials up to 100mm in diameter to suit the exact requirements specified by the customer.

This is fully supported by our in-house test and inspection facilities that cover the production of jigs and gauges and conducting hardness, tensile, and coating thickness tests.

Anti-Roll bars are designed to manipulate and reduce the body roll of a vehicle or carriage, primarily during fast cornering.

Sizes range from 25mm to 100mm in diameter and up to 6 meters long.

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torsion bar jigging

We have extensive in-house capabilities including:

• Forging (16 Hot Forging Cells)
• Bending (up to 100mm Diameter)
• Machining (16 CNC Machines)

In House Facilities

Our in-house tool room and testing facilities enable us to manufacture:

• Inspection Jigs
• Gauges and Fixtures
• Hardness Tests
• Tensile Tests
• Coating Thickness Tests

Leading Lab Access

For particular dimensions, specifications, and features (where required by you) we have access to the UK's leading independent inspection laboratories, adding further to our ability to meet today's ever-increasing challenges and demands.