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We have the capability to produce hot forged fasteners in a range of materials to suit customer requirements.

By utilising our extensive range of on-site manufacturing processes we are able to offer a one-stop service for customers requiring a fully bespoke bolting solution.

Before any component is produced, forging dies are required to form the raw material with the desired head form or shape. The cost of tooling is typically absorbed into the piece price so quantity is a key factor depending on the project budget or urgency factor of the fasteners required.

special hot forged bolting

At the heart of our manufacturing facility are 16 upset forging cells in both horizontal and vertical configuration, each using the latest heating technology. Capable of forging from 10mm diameter up to 100mm diameter and lengths up to 6000mm.

In-house Computer Aided Machining (CAM) and tool-making capabilities enable us to manufacture specials and standard head forms on short lead times.

16 Hot Forging Cells
14 CNC Machines
Lengths up to 6000mm
Thread sizes up to M100
Metric, UNF, UNC, BSF & BSW

Produced in a range of materials including:

• Carbon & Alloy
• Super Alloys
• Stainless
• Duplex
• Non-Ferrous

Examples of Special Bolt & Fastener Forged Head Styles

special bolting fasteners head styles forged

We are able to supply many variations of hot forged head styles for the manufacture of standard and complete special fasteners and bolts. These include Tee Bolt Round Head, Tee Bolt Square Head, Cheese Head Square, Round Tapered, Tee Square, Tapered Oval, Raised Tapered Oval, Cup Headed, Cup Square, Spill Plate, Heavy Duty Square and Countersunk Square.