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British Made Hammerhead T Bolts to
DIN 261, DIN 7992, and SN425 for use in heavy industrial projects all over the globe.

Brooks Forgings has been involved in many projects all over the globe requiring bespoke Hammerhead T Bolts. Our range of tooling currently covers DIN 7992, DIN 261, and SN425 in sizes from M24 up to M100 and up to 6000mm lengths.

Our range of in-house manufacturing capabilities enables us to rapidly manufacture specialist components and non-standard items to our customer's exact specifications. Die Sinking, Upset Forging, Machining, Roll Threading, Finishing, and Packing all under one roof.

hammerhead t-bolt manufacturer din261 din7992 sn425

Fully removable foundation system

Hammerhead T-Bolts are designed to be used in conjunction with a fixed tube assembly that enables a fully removable bolting solution. Once installed, the bolts can be removed for inspection, replaced if required, or simply relocated and reused if the equipment moves site. The relatively low-cost tube fabrication remains in place and the high-cost bolt is removable.

1. Welded tube assembly.
2. Hammerhead T-Bolt.
3. Hammerhead T-Bolt assembly.

4. The hammerhead t-bolt is inserted into the welded tube assembly that has already been set in concrete. The head passes through the slot in the washer plate and the slot at the end of the threaded shank indicates the position of the head.

5. Once the head is past the slot it is rotated through 90 degrees and pulled upwards. This also locates the head between the lugs inside the tube assembly that prevents rotation during the tensioning of the bolt.

hammerhead t-bolt removable foundation system

  • hammerhead t-bolts DIN7992 DIN261
  • hammerhead tbolts DIN261
  • hammerhead tbolts DIN7992