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A leading UK producer of Standard and Bespoke Eyebolts, Eyenuts, and Lifting Devices.

Sizes Ranging from M6 to M100 (1/4” to 4”)
Blanks held in stock for rapid conversion

We manufacture one the most extensive and diverse ranges of Eye Bolts in Europe as well as holding supplies of Eyebolt blanks ready for rapid conversion and despatch.

Eyebolts are typically produced using the upset forging process and eye nuts using the drop forging process. The forging process is critical to achieving the strength and resilience required as it is the only process that manipulates and refines the material grain flow. Please see our detailed explanation below.

A fully equipped Tool Room with the latest CAD and CAM facility enables us to rapidly manufacture dies for specialist non-standard Eyebolts to suit customer specifications.

eyebolts eye bolts collage product range examples

eye bolt forging material grain flow explained

Aligned Grain Flow Explained

Forged Bar:
Directional alignment through the forging process has been deliberately oriented in a direction requiring maximum strength. This also yields ductility and resistance to impact and fatigue.

Machined Bar:
Unidirectional grain flow has been cut when changing contour, exposing grain ends. This renders the material more liable to fatigue and more sensitive to stress corrosion cracking.

Cast Bar:
No grain flow or directional strength is achieved through the casting process.

For safety-critical components, such as eye bolts, forging should always be the manufacturing process of choice.  It is the only process that compresses and aligns the grain flow to achieve the strongest possible component, extending service life and reducing losses due to downtime or failures in the field.

eye bolt blanks held in stock uk

Eye Bolt blanks held in stock for rapid conversion

Brooks Forgings has been producing eye bolts and eye nuts for over 60 years, supplying many industries all over the globe. We have the knowledge, experience, and manufacturing capability to produce standard and fully bespoke components to suit individual requirements.

A comprehensive range of forged eye bolt blanks are held in stock, and available for rapid conversion to suit urgent requirements.

We have accumulated an extensive range of forging tools for many standard eye bolt and eye nut forms. If one of our stocked blanks isn’t suitable, we can often forge components to specific requirements if the required quantity is viable for production.

Our Eye Bolt & Eye Nut Range Includes

  • Palm Eye Bolts (Straight Sides)
  • Shackle Eye Bolts (Curved Sides)
  • DIN 444 Eyebolts
  • Swivel Eyebolts (Increased Eye Thickness)
  • Lift Suspension Eyebolts
  • Collared Eye Bolts Imperial Thread
  • Collared Eye Bolts Metric Thread
  • Dynamo Eyebolts
  • Lifting Eyes
  • Sling Rod Eye Bolts (Integral Forged Eye)
  • Bow Nuts & Eye Nuts
  • DIN 582 Eye Nuts
  • DIN 580 Eyebolts
  • Curled Eye Bolts
  • Ring Eye Bolts
  • Nib End Eyebolts
  • Scaffold Restraint Eyebolts
  • Eyebolts & Eyenuts to BS1320

Manufactured in a range of materials including

  • Carbon Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Duplex & Other Exotics

Thread forms include

  • Right-Hand Threads
  • Left-Hand Threads
  • Metric Threads
  • Imperial Threads
  • ACME Threads
  • BSW, BSF, UNC, and UNF are also available.

Finishes & Coatings include

  • Electro Plated
  • Galvanised
  • Sheradised
  • Plastic Coated
  • Powder Coated
  • Wet Painted
  • Shot Blast
  • Polished