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On-site sawing capability to quickly process raw material stock for our numerous manufacturing processes.

Raw materials are processed on a daily basis in order to meet the demands of our manufacturing facility. Investment in numerous bandsaws provides us with the capability to quickly process our material stocks so they are available for the production of approved orders.

**Please note we are not a material stockist, we keep materials in stock for internal manufacturing use only**

Our sawing capacity includes:

bauer automatic long feed bandsaw

Bauer VG 450 ST Automatic

A 6000mm long feed bandsaw, is ideal for cutting single pieces or bundles, with long off-cut lengths.


• 6000mm incremental feeder vice remains clamped to the stock material.
• NC control touch panel operation allows programming of opposing miters and different cut lengths from the same stock.
• Cutting pressure control to reduce feed-in solids.
• 600mm cut height option.

chenlong bandsaw

Chenlong CH-360HA-NC

A twin pillar heavy-duty fully automatic bandsaw with NC length setting. Ideal for volume production cutting of solid and sectional material. The modern fully enclosed design offers maximum operator protection.


• Inverter control of the blade speed with digital display (20-100mpm).
• N.C control with 9 programs for different lengths and respective quantities.
• Multiple indexing with blade kerf compensation for long lengths.
• Flood coolant system (option for micro-mist lubrication).
• Detachable vertical bundle cutting vices Included Hydraulic mechanical swarf remover.
• Material height sensor with rapid approach.
• Powered blade cleaning brush.
• Hydraulic blade tensioning.
• Addimist micro-mist blade lubrication system.

  • unicore-H-400HANC

  • unicore-H-400HANC
  • unicore-H-400HANC